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China-ASEAN Expo Booth Contractor

The CAEXPO is with the mission of consolidating the friendly relationships between China and ASEAN, accelerating the CAFTA construction and promoting the cooperation between both sides in various fields.It’s a government-sponsored event that wins supports of all parties concerned and attracts the active participation of enterprises of both sides.

On September 23,2019, the 16th ASEAN Senior Officials' Meeting announced that the 17th China-ASEAN Expo is tentatively scheduled for September 18-21, 2020, and the theme country of CAEXPO is Laos. The exhibition set up five special topics including commodity trade, investment cooperation, service trade, advanced technology, and "Charm City".It would be the largest show in Nanning city as every year.

Messe Expo as a professional stand builder with service network in whole China, would be ready to help you with your booth in this big show in Nanning.

In the previous China-ASEAN Expo we helped the booth construction for Polish pavilion, Guangdong pavilion, Jilin pavilion etc.

If you are looking for booth contractor for China-ASEAN Expo, or other shows in Nanning city,Guangxi Province,please contact Messe Expo by

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