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Do You Know the Following 4 principles when planning an exhibition?

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Do You Know the Following 4 principles when planning an exhibition?

In modern society, all industries are developing very fast, and the requirements for exhibitions are getting higher and higher. So, to meet the needs of modern enterprises, what principles must be followed for exhibition construction?

First Principle is Intuitive, Simple and Elegant.
Each company has different requirements for the design style of the exhibition, but the customer they face are the same, so it is required to pay attention to the feeling and experience of the visitors while making booth design. In today's society, people are more willing to accept designs that feel comfortable and visually intuitive. Therefore, when come to China exhibition booth construction,booth decoration and layout must be based on highlighting corporate features and product functions.

Secondly -Highlight the features
Thousands of exhibitors at the exhibition are all in the same place, showing similar products, it is easy to be dazzling. Participating customers are generally in a hurry, and it is difficult to stay in a booth for a long time. If your booth can highlight the key points and make it clear at a glance, the effect will be better. So you have to work hard at choosing the exhibition builders so that people can easily notice you and be attracted to your booth.

Thirdly-should with a special theme 
Each exhibition will have a theme, and the design of the booth also needs a theme, which is a way of highlighting the theme of the company and products. In the booth construction, we must effectively integrate the corporate theme and products, so that customers can feel the different charm of enterprises and products from the booth construction. Then, this is a successful booth construction designed.

Last is Brand should be outstanding  
The exhibition visitors will first judge whether the product is sufficiently attractive from the senses, and then he/she will be interested to learn more about it. Therefore, the iconic structure is particularly important. Corporate logos, corporate culture, product trademarks, etc. can be effectively displayed as the focus of design, can win in the image, can highlight in color, can be special in shape, in short, the purpose is to attract more customers.
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