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Regarding the re-use of booth for Hongkong exhibition

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What are the precautions for Hong Kong booth construction? What issues should be paid attention to when setting up a booth in Hong Kong?(3)

Hong Kong is an important window for China's foreign trade. Many domestic export companies have promoted them through the Hong Kong exhibition, especially electronics, gifts and lighting companies. Therefore, the electronics exhibition, lighting exhibition, jewelry exhibition and gift exhibition every year will attract many mainland enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

As we all know, local costs in Hong Kong are very expensive, and the wages of production workers are also very high. Therefore, choosing a mainland exhibition factory is the most cost-effective method. However, due to the restriction of Hong Kong on mainland workers, the production and construction of the exhibition booth are made by two different groups of people. In addition, the transportation of the exhibition elements to Hong Kong has its own specialties. There are more details involved.

Based on the experience of Messe Exhibition in building Hong Kong exhibitions over the years, we summarized some details:

Regarding the re-use booth for Hongkong exhibition.

Because many of exhibitions in Hong Kong exhibition is held twice every year, many exhibitors hope that their booth can be reused. In fact, we do not recommend this. Of course, we also know that it is not environmentally friendly and wasteful. We can discuss the specific operation details and see if it is feasible.

If you want to reuse it, at first, you need to consider the convenience of disassembly, packaging, and transportation when designing for the booth. You need to have a lot of independent showcases. If there are many frame structures, it will be very troublesome to fix them with nails or connect the whole frame. You know, demolition is definitely more troublesome than installation. Calculated based on the construction cost of 36 square meters, the Hong Kong foreman's quotation ranges from 18-25 thousand Hong Kong dollars. Of course, the cost of demolition is included, but they are all pushed directly to the crush by the machine. Is very low. That is to say, if it is carefully and completely removed, the cost of separate disassembly should range from twenty thousand Hong Kong dollars. If the next installation fee is added, it will be almost 40 thousand Hong Kong dollars.

Let's talk about transportation and storage costs. If you rent a warehouse in Hong Kong, follow the lowest container type warehouse,

200 per cubic meter per month, based on a normal booth of 20 cubic meters, 4000 Hong Kong dollars a month, from April to October, 6 months, it is 24 thousand Hong Kong dollars.

In addition, the two indoor transportation fees, the labor cost of getting on and off the bus, some damaged art characters, and the cost of the picture.

In case the showcase is damaged or lost during the process of disassembly, transportation, and getting on and off the vehicle, this is an unpredictable cost. If all our processes are to be cautious, do the best. Let’s talk about the effect of the second build. Generally, the surface of the Hong Kong booth is painted. If it is left for 6 months and some small details are bumped, the effect will be difficult to guarantee. So to sum up, the cost of repeated construction in Hong Kong is quite high, and it cannot guarantee the effect of the second time. Of course, it does not mean that it must not be done. If the first booth is designed, independent booths are used to facilitate disassembly, assembly, and transportation. The cost will still be reduced.

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