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Preparations for Hong Kong booth construction

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What are the precautions for Hong Kong booth construction? What issues should be paid attention to when setting up a booth in Hong Kong?(2)

Hong Kong is an important window for China's foreign trade. Many domestic export companies have promoted them through the Hong Kong exhibition, especially electronics, gifts and lighting companies. Therefore, the electronics exhibition, lighting exhibition, jewelry exhibition and gift exhibition every year will attract many mainland enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

As we all know, local costs in Hong Kong are very expensive, and the wages of production workers are also very high. Therefore, choosing a mainland exhibition factory is the most cost-effective method. However, due to the restriction of Hong Kong on mainland workers, the production and construction of the exhibition booth are made by two different groups of people. In addition, the transportation of the exhibition elements to Hong Kong has its own specialties. There are more details involved.

Based on the experience of Messe Exhibition in building Hong Kong exhibitions over the years, we summarized some details:

2. Preparations for Hong Kong booth construction.

First of all, the booth must be built in Shenzhen factory. Once the structure problem is found in Hong Kong, it can't be built, basically there is no way to solve it (I have encountered peers before, because of the size problem, the booth cannot be built Exhibitors sue).

In addition, it is necessary to consider the installation of lamps and lanterns. The effect of lighting on the exhibition must be felt by anyone who has participated in the exhibition. Therefore, you must plan the number, location, and total power of the lamps in advance, and you must correctly estimate the total power before applying. Good corresponding electric box. If you find that there are not enough lights on site and want to add lights, one problem is that Hong Kong people really hate to change the installation plan on site, or if you meet someone who is good to talk, complain about adding some money, if you encounter difficulties, you must follow the previous agreement and resolutely do not change of. The most important thing is that if the lamp is added and the electricity is not enough, changing the electrical box on site is another big expense. Therefore, the installation of lamps and lanterns must be calculated clearly in advance. This requires the exhibition company to have sufficient experience and can make advance judgments in advance.
The third is the issue of product display. It is necessary to make a plan for placement. Specific to each product, including the packaging box and storage issues, the products are not rich enough if they are missing, and there is no place to put them, which is troublesome. .

Messe Expo has many years of experience in Hong Kong booth construction, we have our own factory in Shenzhen, and local fixed cooperative sub contractor in Hong Kong(who will handle with the on site fixing and set up). Messe Expo can be your good choice for high-quality and cost-effective Hong Kong booth construction partner. If you are looking for Hong Kong food expo booth contractor, Hong Kong booth construction cooperation with good price, Hong Kong Special booth design and construction partner for Hong Kong Electrical Expo, welcome to contact us by Email .

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