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What are the precautions for Hong Kong booth construction?(1)

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What are the precautions for Hong Kong booth construction? What issues should be paid attention to when setting up a booth in Hong Kong?(1)

Hong Kong is an important window for China's foreign trade. Many domestic export companies have promoted them through the Hong Kong exhibition, especially electronics, gifts and lighting companies. Therefore, the electronics exhibition, lighting exhibition, jewelry exhibition and gift exhibition every year will attract many mainland enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

As we all know, local costs in Hong Kong are very expensive, and the wages of production workers are also very high. Therefore, choosing a mainland exhibition factory is the most cost-effective method. However, due to the restriction of Hong Kong on mainland workers, the production and construction of the exhibition booth are made by two different groups of people. In addition, the transportation of the exhibition elements to Hong Kong has its own specialties. There are more details involved.

Based on the experience of Messe Exhibition in building Hong Kong exhibitions over the years, we summarized some details:

1 Booth Design for Exhibition in Hong Kong

First, consider the difficulty and cost of construction. Hong Kong labor is very expensive. Generally, the construction is contracted to Hong Kong foremen. Most of these foremen do not have large-scale equipment, such as lifts. If they are used, they need to be rented and the price is not low. Therefore, if the booth structure is complicated, it is necessary a lift is used, a few lifts are sometimes required, so the construction cost is naturally much higher.

Therefore, in the preliminary design, we must consider the ease of construction and minimize too many complex structures and risky structures. (Any booth in Hong Kong with a height of more than 2.5m requires the safety signature of a first-class structural engineer. If the structure is unreasonable, there will be a risk that no engineer is willing to sign the guarantee and the exhibition hall will not agree to the construction).

In addition, in terms of style, Hong Kong is an international city. The target audience of the exhibition is mainly international customers. It is only natural to reflect internationalization in the design of the booth, which is concise and clear, and pays attention to the atmosphere. Therefore, it is recommended that the person in charge of the exhibition of the exhibitor can determine the plan by a person who understands design and colleagues in the marketing department. The more attention is paid to the design in the early stage, the more time it takes, and the fewer problems and simpler it will be when building on site.

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